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Eric and I have been married close to three years now.
I can't really say I still feel the same as I did when we got
married. Because with each passing day I love him even
more. I am truly blessed to have met him. We don't fight
or argue very much. I calmly tell him how I feel and he
does the same. Not many couples can say that.

We are planning on getting a house soon. Don't exactly
know when but we have been looking at some manu-
factured houses. I hope it is soon this three bedroom
apartment just isn't big enough anymore. We have more
stuff than it can hold plus it houses six people.

We are planning to go visit our families out of state this
summer. We kind of figured that this will be the last
"family" vacation up north we take together. In a few
short years Jenna & Dwayne will consider themselves
too old to go with 'parents' on vacation. Hard to beleive
that in two more years and Jenna will be out of school
and off to college. Dwayne will soon follow in three
years if he stays in school.

Charlie is 10 now so we figure he will be with us for 8
more years. When he leaves he will get most of the
furniture cause Eric said when they all move out then
I can get nice furniture. So I am counting the days now.

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