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About Dott A.K.A. AngelHart
Hi! My name is Dorothy. Some of my Cyber Friends know me as AngelHart or Dott. So I guess you want to know a little about me, huh? I know that was a dumb question, since you are on this page. (LOL)

Let's see..... Hummmmmm... Well I am 30+ years old. (Shhhhh.... don't tell anyone!) I am about 5'1. And we won't discuss my weight. Deal? I was born and raised in Louisiana. In June of 1983 I moved to Indiana to live with my Dad. That only lasted through the school year. In June of 1984 I came back down to Baton Rouge. Which didn't last long either. In the Spring of 1985 I was on my way back to Indiana. (I moved around a lot, huh?)

Then on March 4, 1986 I moved to Biloxi, Mississippi. Where I got married and had 3 beautiful baby boys. They areDwayne, Kevin, and Brandon. But I missed my family, and my husband and I were not getting along. So I left him in February of 1990. I came back home to Baton Rouge with kids in tow. I stayed with Indiana, and ask him to come and get me. So in May of 91, I moved back to my Dad's house. Well by the end of October Lance and I was back together. Third time is a charm, right? He moved up to Indiana. And we tried it again. But it was no go. I caught him cheating on me one night when he thought I was in a drunken asleep. (I wasn't) I forgave him that time. But when I found him lying and cheating on me again, and that was it. I decided I'd had enough. So in June of 1992 I left him for good.


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