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About Dott A.K.A. AngelHart
In October 1992, I started working a Captain D's Seafood Restaurant. The store in Columbus is owned by Nautical Restaurants. I started out as Counter Crew working 3-4 hours a day. And in about month got promoted to Kitchen, where I was an Opening Prep person. With that came more hours. Between 35-50. Finally our divorce became final in March of 1993.

I got promoted to Dinning room Supervisor. But I asked to go back in the kitchen. All those women did out there was fight and stab each other in the back on the counter. So I became a shift manager in the kitchen. Later I got promoted to 2nd Assistant Manager. Around about this time is when Kevin died. I was working 53 hours plus. I never saw my kids. And with the loss of my son I felt really guilty from not spending enough time with him. I felt like I lived at work. Even on my days off I would go in there. I think part of me needed to work, to keep my mind off of Kevin. But I got tired of working such long hours after about 2 years.

In October of 1996, I quit Captain D's to go to work in a factory. I was employed by Manpower Temporary Service. They sent me to work at TNT. (They make Drive shafts there) I worked there for three months. But because of my back problems and I need the lighter duties, they let me go. I found out through a letter they sent me and I got it on January 1, 1997 great way to start off my year!

Ok so I went & applied for unemployment. But then I got a job at Cummins, through Manpower of course. (They make diesel engines.)So on January 26th I went to work. But I was having trouble lifting the starters, to put on the engines. So They moved me to over to the paint detail. That was easy. But that was not where they need the real help. Well I went in the next day. And worked for about an hour, when I got a phone call form Manpower. They told me to leave immediately. And come straight to the office. I asked why, she said my employment there was terminated. Whooo! I got Fired!

So I went back down to the unemployment office and had to sign up all over again. (Bummer). I was having so much problems with my back, I decided to take off for a while. I even went to sign up for disability. And I sign up with another organization that helps someone who becomes disable to get the need training to change job careers.


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