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About Dott - Part III

Well in March, I went to see my new niece Cassie in Alabama. I had to go. The way they were talking was she wouldn't live very long and I would never forgive myself if I didn't. But fortunately she has proven the doctors wrong. WAY TO GO CASS!!!

After I got back I noticed some major problems in my relationship with my boyfriend. So I confronted him about it. I gave him a week to decide if he wanted me in his life. If he did he need to start acting like it and start spending time with me. Well that went over like a lead balloon. He choose to split up. Fine I wasn't going to stay in that hick town! Besides, I don't have anything left there for me. And my mother told me if I came back down I had a good chance to get on with the state. Doing a job with no major lifting or walking involved. And besides that the warmer climate would be better for my back. So I came back home, to Baton Rouge, with a little financial help from my step dad & grandfather. And moved back in with Valerie.

Well I started looking for a job right away. I went down had my unemployment check issued to me here. Clay (my step dad)helped me with my application and resume. Heck, he basically wrote it himself, I just told him what I did. He turned it into something that looked quite hard to do. I went and took all the Civil Service test I could. My Grandma Rose bought me a couple of outfits to wear to the interviews. I had a few disappointments and it took me 4-6 interviews before I was hired. But I never gave up, and I got hired the last week I was eligible for unemployment. How is that for timing? I now work for theLouisiana Department of Economic & DevelopmentI was hired on July 21, 1997 as an Account Specialist I. Which is a GS level 9. In other words I was the low man on the totum pole. If you want to know what a GS level is, go check it out a the Civil Service homepage.

I became perminate in January of 1998. And in August of 1998, I got promoted to an Account Specialist II. That is a GS level 11. This is as high as I can go. Till I go back to school and get 12 to 24 Accounting hours. And with 4 kids living in the house that will be alittle hard for me to do. But I will find away. But enough with that, let's get back to when I first got hired.

With this job came lots of new things. As with any job when you first start off, they don't give you much to do. So I went on the Internet after I would finish my work. And played a lot on the computer, trying to learn things. Before I got my job with the state I had put personal ads out in the paper, on the phone, ect. But I didn't like the creeps that was answering my ads.I am not into going to bars, an I am VERY shy. I wanted something different and all these guys could do is talk about sex. So I gave up on that idea. Well I went to hotmail & got me an E-mail account. Then I put out a personals ad on the Internet. Maybe I stood a better chance at meeting someone different. And then things took off. I started meeting people and talking to them through E-mail. After that I was hooked and had to get my own pc. (I even got Valerie. hooked.)


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