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About Dott - Part IV

I started talking on ICQ, and mIRC. And that is how I met Eric. He answered my ad sometime in September. He told me he was everything I asked for except romantic. But that with a little help we could work on that. I kind of brushed him off at first. But after I forgot why, I started talking to him again. We finally met on November 16, 1997. We went to see the movie the Jackle. We got there kind of late and the only seats we could find was at the bottom near the screen. I will not sit there again! My neck hurt from looking up, and the people in the movie looked real weird they had huge bodies and little heads.

Then we didn't go out again till November 28th. We took all 4 kids to see a movie. We were planing to see "Flubber" but it was sold out. So we went to see "Star Troopers" instead. Then Eric invited the boys and I over for dinner. Now you have to take into consideration that I am VERY shy. I didn't talk to him much. And I didn't look at him much. Why he insisted on meeting is beyond me. But when the day came that I did look into his eyes, I knew he was the man I was going to marry.

He was everything I've wanted and more. He excepted me the way I was and didn't asked me to change. He doesn't mind helping me when I need help. Hell he spoils me. And I love him dearly. He is definitely a dream come true!

My hobbies include bowling, (but not often as it hurts my back) and playing pool. At least I can beat Eric. HA! I like to draw, and I use to right poems. But since my fire I lost all the artwork i drew, and the poems I wrote. Most were good too. But Valerie still had some of my old ones. I also collect fish. Some of 20-30 in Eric's aquarium are mine. But we share them.

I collects cherubs, boy angels, and a few girl angels. But I am trying to limit my collection to just the male ones. The First one I received was from a friend the day of Kevin's Funeral. It reminded me of him so that is why I collect Cherubs. I like to think he is with God and that he is my little angel. I guess that kind of sounds silly. But it has helped me deal with the loss.

You can sometimes find me on mIRC. I like to go on My handle is AngelHart. Well that's it! That is my life story. well most of it. Visit other parts of our site. and don't forget to sign our guestbooks!!!


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