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Hi! My name is JeNetha, but everyone calls me Jenna. I am 13 years old. My birthday is May 7th. I was born in Atlanta, Georgia. But I moved to Baton Rouge, Louisiana To live with my Dad.

I like all kinds of music. I'd have to say pop is my favorite. I love the Backstreet Boys. They are SO kewl! I like Nick Carter the best. But they all are kewl. I like to watch the Box & MTV. They rock of course. I like other singers and groups like, Suger Ray, N'Sync, All Saints, Mariah Carey, and Will Smith. I like alot of others, but it would take a long list for me to name them all.

My favorite colors are purple & green. I like Horror movies and Alien movies. I like to hang out at the Park. There is one across from where I live. I listen to music. I like to play Soccer. I like having a friend go with me when I go to the park.

Well I guess that is all for now. Come back and see my page soon. I will be updating it every now and then. Don't forget to sign my guestbook!

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