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My Best Friend

This is my best friend in the Whole World Wide Web (LOL). 1998 marks our 25th Anniversary of being friends. Hell we've been friends longer than most people have been married. (LOL) We met when we were 5 years old, in Kindergarten. How we managed to put up with each other, for so long, is beyond me. But no matter what, we have always been there for one another. Valerie has seen me through some really hard times. Even if she wasn't there in person, she was always just a phone call away.

Through the years, things in my life have changed. I've moved around quite a bit. People have come and gone from my life. But our friendship has remained though out the years. It's has been the only constant and stable thing in my life. If I didn't have that who knows what would have happened. She was there when my family turned their back on me. Valerie is more a part of my family then my own family is.

I was the first person to call her a name. That was in the first grade. And it got me in trouble with the teachers. In later years I got her to start smoking, and "borrow" packs of cigarettes from her step dad Red. At that time we were smoking menthols. But in later years we switched to real cigarettes. At that time it took us 2-3 days to smoke a pack between the both of us. Now I smoke a pack a day. (Don't start smoking, by the time you get to my age you'll wish you never had.) I convince her to sneak out one night when we were 16. We pushed my truck out of her drive way and way down the street before we started it. As you can I was a very bad influence on her.

We use to do everything together. We even bought the same stuff with out the other one there or even knowing about it. Back in 84 her family went to Texas. While Valerie was there she bought a "David Lee Roth" poster. (He was our heart throb.) Well the same weekend my family went to World's fair in New Orleans. I bought the same poster. We did the same thing with shoes. And didn't know it till the next day when we wore them to school. Same thing happened when we got sick. We were home all day and didn't know the other one was till school was over. Teachers said we were skipping school together. It was really weird.

We use to walk and ride our bikes every where. At any time and in any weather. One time we was walking, she pushed me into a pond. We even rode our bikes across town just to ride by a guy's house. But once we reached the age to drive, we forgot about our bikes and walking. We use to call each other on the phone, and not say anything to each other. Or we would go riding in the car and not speak. Just knowing the other person was there was enough.

The summer when we were 16, I spent the most of the summer spending the night at her house. I think all total I spent maybe two weeks sleeping in my own bed. A couple of times Valerie would sneak me in the house I would walk behind her when she would walk past her step dad. And the next morning I would come out of the room and freak her step dad out.

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