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My Best Friend

Part II

We were born 7 days a part. We were born in leap year. So 3 out of 4 years we are 6 days apart. We are both Pisces. Except Valerie is far more sensitive about things than I am. She sometimes let things get to her. When we were in school, I always stood up for her. No one was allowed to call her names, except me of course. We would get into a fight at school, but by the end of the day we were friends again. I think one week was the longest we stayed mad at each other.

Her mother and the rest of her family always treated me like I was a part of their family. Her oldest sister Eddy (short for Edith) says I am her "unofficial sister". Momma (Val's mom) says I'm her illegitimate adopted child. And once I went to church with her and she told the priest, I was not her daughter by blood, I was her daughter by heart. When I was pregnant with Dwayne she bought me some maternity clothes and towels and stuff.

And then there is Walter. Val's youngest brother. What can I say. He is more like my own brother. we grew up together too. He is 7 yrs. younger than us. When he was a teen he was a real push over (lol) Val & I could talk him into anything. Sometimes we still can. Walter can be as sweet & gental as a teddy bear. But when He gets mad.. he has a red hot temper! Guess it is the red hair. (lol) But over all he is a good guy.

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