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My Best Friend

Part III

Valerie recently got married. This was taken on her wedding day, April 24, 1999. It is a picture of her and her new hubby, Brian, and her son, Joey. Sometimes I don't think she really knows what she means to me. She is a part of me. And I want her to be happy. And Brian has made her happier than I have ever seen. I wish her and her hubby the best of luck, and I hope that they do live "happier ever after".

I have learned in the past few years that most of our so called friends are just acquaintances. And to find a friend and have that friendship last though out the years is indeed a rare and priceless thing. Through out the times, contrary to what some people think, Valerie has never told me what to do. She has just pointed out the pro's and con's. The choice was always mine to make.

In the past men have been jealous of our friendship. They have tried to split us up, tell lies about the other, and even tried to forbid us to see one another. HA! There are dozens of men out there, but I have only one true friend. Eric has excepted that I am a packaged deal. With me comes three kids and one Valerie. (LOL)

If you have one true friend like I do. Don't let anyone come in the way of your friendship. Like with any marriage, you have to work at keeping your friend. Don't take them for granted and don't use them. You have to except them for what who they are. And you have to be close enough to tell them when they are screwing up, but not in away that you would make them mad, or hurt their feelings. You can't tell them what to do or when to do it. You just have to be there when they need you, and never turn your back on them when they are in need. You will find that your friendship will blossom, and it is truly worth the effort you put into it.

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