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My Best Friend

Part IV

Update: July 2001

Guess What?!!! Valerie and Brian had TWINS!!!! They had a boy & a girl. Their names are Garrett and Shelby. They were born in November of 2000. And they are growing like a weed!!! I think Garrett looks like his mom and Shelby looks like her dad. They were conceived about 2 weeks apart, so Garrett is bigger than his sister and seems to be developing faster than her too.

Garrett's middle name is Kevin, after my son Kevin. I think that was a nice thing for her to do. In a way it is like Kevin lives on.

Valerie thinks I spoil Shelby. I guess if I think about it I do. I always wanted a girl, and if Shelby smiles at you she'll melt your heart. And she smiles all the time with me. She got mad at me one day when I came in and didn't pick her up. Silly child.

They are 9 month's old now. Garrett 6 teeth, and has been sitting up and crawling for a while. Shelby has just started crawling. Oh gosh now comes the getting into everything stage. I'm sure glad it's Valerie and not me going though this.

I wish all the best to Val and her new family. She's in my heart always. She has been dealt some really bad hands in the past, but it looks like that is changing. And Lady Luck is on her side. Keep it up, Val.. I love ya!!!

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