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On 12/31/90, Val & I left to go to Indiana to see my dad. We stayed up there about one week coming home on January 8, 1991. This is a story about our trip home.

We left Columbus around 7:00pm, after of course going to "White Castles" for one last time. (Love them burgers!) We began traveling south on I-65. When we got to Louisville, KY. I started to pass this simi truck. When Val noticed the guy driveing was one gorgeous hunk of a man. He had blond hair & a mustache. There was another trucker with him but he wasn't as good looking as this guy. And he was a bit older than the blond driver.

Well being the wild & crazy women that we are, we decided to follow them & keep up with that truck! Besides it made the long 12 hour drive to Louisiana more interesting. Well some where between Louiseville, KY & Nashville, TN they pulled off for gas. So we did too. I went & got some coffee. That is when they came over and talked to us a few minutes. Then they noticed we had four sleeping kids in the back seat.

After they filled up, it takes a real long time to fill a simi's tank, it was back on the rode we went. After that anytime I stopped for gas they would pull off too, like they were watching over us & gonna protect us for those crazy people out there. Yeah Right!! But it is the thought that counted, it was real nice of them to watch after us like that.