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The Zigeasys'Online Journal

August 08, 1999

Well since this is our first entry for almost a year, I guess I sould tell you about the last few months.

Well on February 14th Eric asked me to marry him. So since we are getting married next month, we are working on final details now. Like uh, we still have to get our rings. With the kids starting school on the 19th we are in need of supplies and uniforms. Uniforms are mandatory here for public schools. Then the wedding is a few weeks after that. Jenna has desided to homeschool this year so we have those books and stuff to get. My best friend got married in April. It was a lovely wedding. Everything is going well and there is not much to tell. So we'll cut it short here. Well we hope to write more soon. So keep checking back with us!
Love Ya,
The Zigeasys
Eric, Dott, Jenna
Dwayne, Brandon
and Charlie

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