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The Zigeasys'Online Journal

January 10, 2000

Well since this is our first entry for about 6 months, I guess I sould tell you what has been happening the last few months.

Well on September 09, 1999 Eric and I got married. It was a nice quite and simple wedding. We would like to thank everyone who help us get everything pulled together, and for our wedding gifts.

So as you can see we have been real busy. Got hit hard in the money belt between the wedding and Christmas. And now we are starting to crawl out of the hole we dug for ourselves.

I have been working on our cyber-wedding album and will have it up shortly. Everything is going well and there is not much to tell. So we'll cut it short here. Well we hope to write more soon. So keep checking back with us!

Love Ya,
The Zigeasys
Eric, Dott, Jenna
Dwayne, Brandon
and Charlie

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