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The Zigeasys'Online Journal

July 03, 2001

Well, as you can tell we aren't doing a real good job at keeping up our journal. Lots of going ons in our house and much laziness... I haven't been playing on my website and keeping it up dated like I should. (sigh)... What can I say? oh well... Eric and I are doing well... married life agrees with us... the kids?
Well, Jenna turned 15 this year and will be going into the 10th grade when school starts.. She is also in the ROTC. She is a good student but now we are starting to have to deal with sex, drugs and cigarettes. Oh she'll turn me gray yet. How do you combat all this when both parents work? We got a babysitter for now but what do you do when school starts? Quit work and follow her around at school? Or sit back and just pray she doesn't get pregnate? With her we found that where there is a will there is always a way. She is more or less under house arrest at the time. We can't even trust her to go next door to the park. And as far as I am concerned she won't go anywhere till she learns to say no and keep her pants up.

Dwayne, well he finally passed to the 7th grade on his third try. And he is actually getting descent grades. He isn't too interested in girls at this time. He said it is cause none live around here. So sex is not an issue with him yet. Smoking isn't either. He hates to be around it and gripes cause we smoke and his clothes end up smelling like cigarette smoke.

Brandon, Oh my gosh... He is driving me nuts. He fail 5th grade and will have to repeat it. He should have done his homework, but he goofed off all year and didn't do much of anything. His teacher gets so aggravated because he is so smart. He just doesn't want to apply himself. But his biggest problems are his firey temper and his mouth. And he too is under house arrest this summer.

Charlie, he has mainly been an angel. He will be going into the 4th grade and his grades are good. His problem is keeping on him to finish his homework. He sits down to do it but he watches TV or this or that and before you know it, it is 8 o'clock and he is still working on it.

Well, that's it for now...

We hope to write more soon. So keep checking back with us!

Love Ya,
The Zigeasys
Eric, Dott, Jenna
Dwayne, Brandon
and Charlie

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