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The Zigeasys'Online Journal

April 01, 2002

Ok, so we didn't write soon... I just got so burned out on these pages that I hadn't even touched my pages in along while.

Jenna starts driving school next week and will be there most of the day from like 9-5 all week. By the end of the week she will be able to get her learner's permit. Now the hell of being a parent really kicks in.

Dwayne is doing well in school. If he keeps his grades up, in November he will get his permit. Dwayne got his wisdom teeth taken out last week. His face swelled up and he looked like he had chipmunk cheeks. I told him when he got out of surgery he walked like he was drunk and looked like he got the tar beat out of him. He doesn't even remember how he got inside the house. Later on he said if he knew this surgery would hurt so much he wouldn't have had it

Brandon is doing a little better in school this year. He stills has that firery temper. But we are working on that one day at a time.

Charlie is doing ok in school. Not much to tell on him at the time. Both him and Dwayne are almost glued to their computers. Oh yeah that reminds me we all have our own computer. what a bunch of computer nerds we have all become. lol. Well that's it for now. Type to you soon.

We hope to write more soon. So keep checking back with us!

Love Ya,
The Zigeasys
Eric, Dott, Jenna
Dwayne, Brandon
and Charlie

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