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  This is Eric's Dad, Jim.

They say if you want
to see what a man will
look like when he gets

Just look at his father.
This is Sandy, Eric's
step-mom. She is real
nice and she can even
tolerate all of our kids.

Either that or she's just
a good actress.
  Here is a picture of Eric's
mom, Nancy. This is a
rare picture of her with
her mouth open. ( She is
the quite type. )

Hey! Fine by me... no
in-law problems.

Just kidding Nancy
This is Dott's dad,
Wayne. I love my
dad to pieces. And
no matter how re-
bellious and hard-
headed I was as a
teenager I was he
never turned his
back on me and
has always been
there for me.
  This is Clay, Dott's
step-dad. He raised
me most of my child-
hood, and was great
influence on me and
my brother. Though
he has a real busy
lifestyle he still finds
a little time for me.
This is Clay again
doing what he loves
to do.... working on
his trains