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  This is Eric's Grandma,
Dorothy. Kind of funny
since his wife, me, is
named Dorothy too.
This is Gill, Eric's
grandpa. He is real
nice and when you
walk into his base-
ment it is like step-
ping back in time.
  Here is a picture of
Dott's grandpa AKA
Pa-Pa (paw-paw),
he goes by the name
Floyd. He has always
helped me no matter
what I needed or
This is Dott's other
grandpa everyone
calls him Pop. And
let me tell you... he
sure is a stubborn
old man!
  This is Dott's grandma
Dorothy. We call her
Mammaw. Seems
weird that Eric and I
both have grandmas
named Dorothy.

Also Eric's Grandma on his Dad's
side, was also named Dorothy.

Oh yeah I almost forgot... here
is a pic of Mammaw's bird. He
is like one of their kids and VERY
spoiled. Actually her kids will
probably tell you that he is alot
more spoiled.