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This is Dott's big little
brother. Chuck is about
18 months younger than
Dott, but is at least 14
inches taller.
This is Chuck's wife
Melanie. She is about
as nice as they come.
Chuck is truly blessed
to have found her.
This is Dott's younger
but also taller, only by
a few inches, sister Julie.
She really going to kill
me for placeing such an
awful picture of her.

Sorry Julie, my scanner
This is Scott, Dott's
baby brother. And
of course he is about
9 - 11 inches taller.
Sure he looks all
sweet and innocent
here, but he was a
little terror when he
was little.

Both Julie and Scott are now married.
But since my scanner is broke I can't
put Julie's husband Rich on here. And
as for Scott, he has yet to give me a
picture of Tara.