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This is Scott & Tara's
newborn son, Michael.
(Dott's brother)

This is Brook, Scott's
and Tara's little girl.

Picture unavailable
at this time

Picture unavailable
at this time
This is Walter, Chuck's
& Melanie's son. He,
likeCassie, has EB.

This is Cassandra,
Chuck & Melonie's
daughter. Cassie has
a rare skin Disease
called Epidermolysis

This is Mia, Mike
and Rebecca's
This is Scott & Tiff-
anie's daughter, Lily.
(Eric's brother)

Ok, for those of you that have
children on this page, as you
can tell my pictures are old.
Please email me some updated
ones so I can update my page.
Thanks, Dott      =o)